DuraVision™ indoor convex mirrors from your 100% Locally owned Glass Specialists!

DuraVision™ indoor convex mirrors are probably the most cost effective and powerful deterrent available against shoplifting and collisions in the workplace. DuraVision™’s exstensive range of round and dome shaped mirrors are specially designed for indoor surveillance and observation. By eliminating blind spots and hard to see areas convex mirrors allow staff or store security to constantly and inconspicuously monitor customers or visitors. They help to prevent accidents in warehouses, garages or busy corridors and they reduce security risks in shared residential buildings, receptions or retail environments.

The standard range and space saver range of convex mirrors come complete with a fully adjustable bracket which is designed to give you the best optimal angle for viewing specific areas. For wide angle viewing the DuraVision™ ceiling dome mirrors, wall dome mirrors and corner dome mirrors are ideal in open areas above aisles and shelving.

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