Broken Windows Fixed by Your 100% Locally owned Glass Specialists!

When the unexpected happens and your window in your home workplace or school is broken, be rest assured that Gisborne Glass has a qualified glazier on hand to repair and replace the glass.

Your new window will be reglazed to the New Zealand Glass Standards which could mean that you will have a stronger piece of glass than the original and the likelihood of it happening again is minimised greatly. Your Friendly Glazier will attend to your home as quickly as possible to carry out the repair and will advise you of any changes that may need to be done to make your window safe and compliant with the standards.

We are available for window repairs 24hrs 7 days a week and if the window is able to be covered by your insurance we will be happy to assist you with your claim. So before you call your insurance company and get held up waiting on hold call us and let’s get the job underway and hassle free.

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