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Gisborne Glass Are your 100% Local Independent Windscreen Supplier with over 200 windscreens in stock. We have most modern vehicle glass ready and waiting for same day service or we can get your windscreen sent from our suppliers for a next day service.

If your windscreen has a stone chip we can repair it while you wait which takes about 30 minutes and if your car is insured the repair or replacement is usually free. We will help you lodge your insurance claim to make it hassle free.

Today's windscreens are made of laminated safety glass that consists of two layers of glass with a layer of PBV (polyvinyl butyrate in between. When a windscreen is damaged by stone chips, hail, or other materials, in most cases, the damage can be repaired. As the damage is on the outer layer of glass, there is normally no danger to the driver in continuing to use the vehicle until the damage can be repaired. Delays, however, can result in the damage worsening, which may mean that repairs to the required standard are not possible and a full windscreen replacement is required. Repairing a windscreen is much more cost effective to both the customer, and the environment.

Repairs are done by injected specially formulated resins into the damaged areas, the resin is then cured and polished to restore structural strength and clarity to the glass. It is vital that technicians have been trained correctly in repair techniques and the repairer uses good quality tools and resins to ensure a quality result.

In today's vehicles, there is more glass that ever before, the complexity of the glass has increased with the introduction of various sensors such as humidity, rain, light etc, and the glass itself features highly in the structural integrity of the vehicle. A poorly fitted windscreen can be dangerous and the use of poor quality materials has been instrumental in some tragic accidents across the globe.

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